How to easily track your bodyweight

When you add your workouts on Strength Level, we ask you for your latest lifts and what bodyweight you were at the time. This allows us to accurately estimate how strong you are compared to other lifters at your bodyweight. The purpose is to see whether you are getting stronger and to adapt your routine to continue strength gains.

One of the reasons this approach is better than tracking your lifts and bodyweight separately is that there is less to think about. Either you are getting more athletic or you are not. There is no need to worry that your eating is exceeding your strength gains because everything is combined into a rating you can track. It helps you to relax your concerns about bulking muscle or cutting fat and simply concentrate on getting stronger.

We found that some of our users wanted to understand how their bodyweight changes over months of consistent lifting. This is why we added a bodyweight chart to the My Profile page. We show you the days you lifted, and what bodyweight you were on those days:

Bodyweight Graph

Instead of showing you every workout, we wanted to keep it simple and only show you when your weight changes:

Bodyweight Table

We hope you find your bodyweight chart useful and continue to make strength gains using Strength Level.


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